The poet/author, Keishi Ando, was born at the edge of Tokyo, Japan.
For a while, he lived incoherently. Like so many others who only finished middle school, he had worked the same as them. With many undesirable things, and many difficulties to face.
In 2013, his life changed. In 2015, as a poet, he publishes "Dark Breath: Poetry", as an author, he starts publishing some stories, mainly romance and fantasy with dark tones.

The Turning Point

When he was about 28, his mind started to deteriorate, after a short time he lost everything, including about 10 years of his life to his unforeseeable situation.
He went through a very dark time and as such he developed a unique way of viewing the world, which is one of the reasons his creations are so unique. Once he liberated himself from his inner darkness he realized his good and bad experiences from that time could be used to fuel his inner writing talent. From a young age he always loved portraying his world with the written word. So with his rebirth through suffering he threw himself into his passion, studying English every day and writing obsessively. Healing himself while he tried to heal others' through his writing.
The newest chapter in the life of Keishi Ando began in June 2013, he then became a published author in 2015, and even now he still keeps on writing.