Wings and Windows: A Novel

Wings and Windows

The Snippet

In one small town, a miracle entwines the fates of three strangers.

After a series of early traumas, Kyle, a glazier, has grown used to a solitary existence. That changes the night a mysterious guest appears in his home. Their tentative friendship could offer him a path to healing—or rip open wounds he’s tried hard to forget.

As Emilia approaches her fortieth birthday, she’s never felt so lost. Stuck in a loveless marriage, her guilty pleasure is watching her neighbour work in his glazier’s workshop. As he gently cuts and sets panes of glass, Emilia wishes there was a way to mend the broken pieces of a human heart.

Close by, 17-year-old Mia has learned that being different isn’t easy. In fact, it’s torturous. Bullied relentlessly, she forms a radical plan to find freedom—along with someone who will help her escape. But danger is circling, and a devastating betrayal awaits.

Secrets and destinies collide as three lonely souls search for belonging and discover that even in life’s darkest moments, magic is possible.

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Publication Date

8th March, 2022

Wings and Windows: A Novel