Traditional Japanese Gardens
in Tokyo, Japan

Travel Journals

Kiyosumi gardens. It is one of the traditional Japanese gardens in Tokyo and is preserved as part of traditional culture. It is a garden without many noteworthy features but this cannot be helped. It's because I chose here for warming up. However, there was a need to write a certain Travel Tale, but that's a story for another time. So first, let me try to write down some notes, people who might be going in future.

  • You probably can't tell the size of the carps and turtles from the photographs, but they are rather bigger than you expect. Carps are 1 meter/39.3 inches, the turtles are about 50 cm/19.6 inches. Although a cute, little baby turtle is 30 cm/11.8 inches.
  • The house of famous Japanese haiku poet Basho Matsuo was nearby, and he was supposed to have begun traveling from here, there was a rock to commemorate the starting point of his journey. My travel tales and writings also started warming up from here fortunately or unfortunately, so I sighed a little in discontent because it appears like I just copied him but it cannot be helped. Anyway, what a coincidence.
  • Other traditional Japanese gardens in Tokyo are also very similar. They are in a completely ordinary residential areas. In this Kiyosumi Gardens case, IBM buildings can be seen from inside of the garden. Streets with vending machines, and Denny's, a family restaurant, are near of the gate of gardens and so on.

Photos of Kiyosumi Gardens

Photos by a Poet. This is all I can say...