I: Scream - A Poem

I: Scream

My babbling heartbeat is attracted to the still of silence.
A naive heart's crying is drowning in love.
I'm convicted of sins, and preached to about love.
I'm liable to be ruined by the rest of justice.

Around me fading color and shape, leaving me as usual.
How many times was I bludgeoned with that feeling so far?


"I", regurgitated velocity of light,
Is compressing the pure justice.
There's nothing good nor evil, nor eternal.
My name which is about to burst is Scream.

Raving drive which is secreted
By the will of each individual cell in their final form.
Hey, shameful glory, suck me in!
My name is Scream.

No way.

Which burning sore bile, is this core.
The core is beautifully amorous,
Cutting it deep with raw love.
It transcended with maximum pain.

Okay. Got it.

I notice the purity is melting.
Metallic filth starts parasitizing.
It's so cold and so hot, from bottom to top.

Can you look at this brilliant wound?

The emotion mixed with nerves,
Discharges after dissolving a conscious.
The transparent nerve center will be gray.
I, who started surging, am "SCREAM".

Raving drive which is secreted
By the cell of "I" the final step.
Makes me go into overdrive,
Makes me burn until I become ash.
My existence, "SCREAM".

"I: Scream" - A Poem
Contained in: Dark Breath