Now, I am in the process of writing about some dreams I dreamt, wandering in chaos for a long time, as stories. I remember those but incoherently, because I dreamt too many dreams, yet at last, I'm organizing those as one epic story, and some tie-in stories.

At any rate, I am writing. For better understanding, now I'm writing one epic novel and multiple novels as the main works. Besides, I'm writing independent novels, short stories, and poetry which don't overlap with my main works.

So, it might one day be published suddenly or perhaps, I might die and remain unpublished. I will update or inform you, beloved Dears, who keep waiting as needed.

Also, I'm going to start about "Ephemera", which I didn't touch on yet even though I have prepared something so far on my website. Therefore, my website has been renewed. I'm starting little by little. Bear with me, please.

"Ephemera" means transient or very short-lived, which is etymological from ancient Greek and has another meaning - the collection of materials in libraries or archives. It is uncertain if I'll work on these permanently because of my erratic nature or the qualitative nature of the internet. Nevertheless, I want to deliver something to my beloved Dears, via my website. May something reaches and get through to you, too.

September 13, 2017
Keishi Ando