Ever Wherever - A Poem

Ever Wherever

A pair of golden crows
Had pecked apart an owl.
Because the owl was rotting away.
To sustain their life.

She smiled because he smiled.
He smiled because she smiled.
Two crows shared the owl's blood, and smiled.

A royal-blue snake lacerates the golden crows.
In order to protect the owl,
It risked its life,
To stop the desecration.

Because of the venom
The two crows could not be together.
Any longer.

They lost their hearts in the situation.
One does not want it and could not expect.

She flew in, black tears flowing
In the abysmal dark sky,
Through the endless sorrow.

He flew in, struggling,
Cawing from the bottom of his lungs.
In the sky of despair.
In anger and confusion.

They were unable to find each other,
Since they could not see.
They both have forgotten
Even though the feeling of thirst was been lost.

Incomplete hatred, lukewarm tenderness,
Indecisive love and halfbaked justice.

She had loved him for sure.
He had loved her also.
So they continued to wander in distress
Remaining hungry.

She flew today, too.
In order to feel alive,
And to look for him.

He flew today, too.
In order to feel alive,
And to look for her.

Eventually, he fell.
Blue in the face, he used up all his energy.
On top of the transience, looks like hell.
She also fell around the same time.
On top of the emptiness, destroyed.

Two royal-blue snakes drank them.
Two golden shells in different places,
Yet it happened around the same time.

In a sigh and a beautiful moment of slumber.

Two bloody-red owls hunted a snake each,
With their rending talons.

"Ever Wherever" - A Poem
Contained in: Dark Breath