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The Stream

Quotes from the Poetry Books, Announcements, Ephemera and so on.

in Ephemera

Missing the Moon

Somewhere on a bridge over the river in Kanagawa.

in Ephemera

Dreaming about Poetry

Somewhere Under the Moonlight

in Ephemera

The Town Is Also

Halfway down a hill somewhere in Tokyo.

The Soul Dwells in Words in Ephemera

The Soul Dwells in Words

The soul dwells in words. This is called Kotodama in Japan.

What Being a Poet Means in Ephemera

What Being a Poet Means

Poet means a person who writes poems, of course. However, the origin also includes, the word of poet meaning creator.

An Autumn in Ephemera

An Autumn

A Short Poem in an Autumn.


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