Tick-Tock - A Poem


Tick-tock: ticking breath of an old clock.
Tick-tock: perhaps, the rhythm of my heartbeat.
Tick-tock: blankly swaying in memory.
Tick-tock: a rocking chair, and the creaking of the floor.

Suddenly swallowed up,
In a single moment.

I have wandered around a lot farther
With this dried-up mind.
I didn't want to lose against anyone.
I hated to see a new wound.

My heart used to be burned with love,
Each time we met I was only a coward.
I was scared,
I expected my heart to rip in sorrow.

I wanted to show the correct smile.
Yet I wasn't able to smile well.
Frightened to disappoint,
So I killed my love.

Flowing black hair, thin voice.
I still remember the softness.
Your lips faintly shook.
"No more." It shook the air slowly.

Tick-tock; tick-tock.

Time passes by,
The day goes by,
Once again, alone,
I start walking.