Dark Breath: Poetry

Dark Breath: Poetry

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A dark breath is inhaling a lungful of sorrow, tasting melancholy, despair even insanity. As long as humans can feel love, can meet death the darkness is always there. This collection of poetry carries the essence of these as well as inspirational fantasy, lust and the fear that just maybe something could be watching you.
The pieces of poetry have been sculpted in the poet and the author Keishi Ando’s own words.
What was once broken into shards of darkness have now formed a cohesive whole, as the three dark's are now one. Dark Breath, Dark Sweet and Dark One.
Without sampling darkness, how can we recognize light?

Poems I

I: Scream
Metal Beetle
Master X Climax
Someone Says
Under the World
Shadow Drop
Bitterness of Why
Embalmer's Art
Meteor Stream: Chaos

Poems II

Radiant Night
A Love Recipe
Hey ChouChou
Velocity of Instinct
Mask and Kimono
Ghost of Romance
Killing Ourselves
Meteor Stream: Woe

Poems III

Follow the Clown
Ever Wherever
Dreaming Mage
The Terato-Devil
One Kerberos
Homunculus of AI
Frozen Onyx
Apology by a Castle
Vertigo at the Grave
Meteor Stream: Dragons

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ISBN-13: 978-1974057689
ISBN: 1974057682
Publication Date: February 28, 2015

Dark Breath: Poetry by Keishi Ando

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