A Wedding - A Poem

A Wedding

On the carpet spread with petals of white lilies,
The weeping bride dreamed on the welkin again.
Draping the wedding dress that has been steeped in darkness
Because of this mortal world,
On the pure white mind that could not dirty
Even because of this mortal world.

Reflected in the eyes of the groom,
Was his dazzling bride, ephemerally.
With the much-patched hearts which were torn apart.

Nevertheless, he took the hand of his bride,
And he showed an infinite invincible smile.
There was him, who was not able to stop doing so,
And there was her, who smiled sympathetically.

Fallen angels stomped their feet in frustration, shouting blame,
But the booming rumbles of thunder were perhaps wrapped
In applause and cheers around its surroundings there.

The groom who lost it all even what he could lose,
And the bride who has been abandoned even from salvation
Has not been blessed by anyone.
Yet at that time certainly,
There in the world, the moments, were not so.

One miracle slid down from the dusk of the moon.
The bridal couple smiled at each other again,
And they kissed, that eternity is compressed.

Time stops for a moment,
And it slowly began to move again
So as not to disturb the vow of love until death,
So as not to be disturbed by anything nor anyone
With their modest wedding now.